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Careers Advice: Choosing your specialty


Where can you find the information you need on careers in the different medical specialties?  What it is like to work in each speciality?

The London Deanery site

This contains career information on 53 specialities and sub specialties, from Allergy to Urology.

"The Careers section was excellent and by the far the best I have come across. It .... looks at it from a trainee's perspective and discusses in more detail what it is like to pursue that career and what kind of impact it has on your life...A huge range of specialties listed, with a lot of useful information available on each of them, some written from a trainee's perspective characteristics necessary for a career in that specialty and professional achievement required for entry." EB

NHS Medical Careers

This provides a step by step guide, from Understanding Yourself and Exploring/Researching Options to Choosing a Specialty and Application and Interview advice.

There's information on over seventy specialties and sub specialties, from Anaesthesia to Urology, for each specialty providing information on working life, postgraduate training pathway, workforce statistics, remuneration, links and further reading.

Also has links to a range of relevant books and organisations, plus  information on careers you can pursue outside the NHS, using your medical experience, from medical journalism to the civil service, from pharmaceuticals to NHS management.



This is for F1 and F2s in particular but may also be of interest to newer trainees in specialties and to medical students.

You answer 130 questions (which takes about 20 minutes), designed to discriminate between specialties. Sci59 then produces a list of 10 specialties that fit your personal profile most closely, as well as those specialties least likely to fit. Sci59 has been developed by the Open University, following research among a range of doctors in different specialties.

Once you have your user name and password (eg from your Deanery) you can access Sci59 anytime you're at your computer. Your results are stored, so you can refer to them again - and your user name means you can do the survey three more times, if you want to compare the results at different stages in your training.


So You Want to be a Brain Surgeon?

This handbook provides helpful summaries of over 80 medical career paths - including getting in and getting out, the lifestyle, the job and the specific career route.

Each career chapter has been written by a senior specialist in the field. There are also sections on the Foundation programme, Core Training, Specialty Training and Academic Training.

Theres also advice on application forms, choosing jobs, interviews, improving cvs, career hurdles and how to overcome them.

Edited by Simon Eccles and Stephan Sanders    Oxford University Press  (£16.95)

ISBN   9780199231966



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